Motor Vehicle Insurance

Basic Taxation -Temporary Registration:

No dealer of a motor vehicle can deliver the vehicle to the purchaser without registration, whether temporary or permanent. In case of non-transport vehicles, to take the vehicle to the place of registration from the dealer’s premises you need to register the vehicle temporarily. In case of transport vehicle you need a time to construct the body of vehicle over the chassis hence you nead temporary registration. Temporary registration is valid for the period of 7 days initially and extended up to not exceeding 30 days incase of non transport vehicles .This validity is extended for some more period with the permission of registering authority in case of transport vehicles. An application for temporary registration shall be made in form C.R Tem. A along with fee

Tax Exemption -Vehicles exempted from payment of BMV taxes( BMV Tax Act, Sec 13 )

Sr. No. Type of vehicle Rate of tax exemption
1 Vehicles belonging to state govt, local self govt, municipal corporation . 100%
2 Ambulances working on no loss no profit bases 100%
3 Invalid carriage 100%
4 Vehicles solely used for transportation of school children and owned by school or private person 2/3 of annual rate
5 Vehicles belonging to Orchestra, Tamasha Mandal, Drama Theatre, etc. 2/3 of annual rate
6 Vechiles used to carry school children and other contracts, owned by private person 1/3 of annual rate
7 Vehicles under non use 100%
8 Tractors and traliors used fopr agr. purpose 100%